Off-campus subject training

The training method focuses on subject knowledge explanation, listening, speaking, reading, writing and calculation, etc. The main process is preview, teaching, and consolidation exercises, and teachers (including virtual agents, artificial intelligence, etc.) teach demonstrations and interactions as the main forms . Fourth, the result evaluation focuses on screening and selection, with students’ academic performance and test results as the main evaluation basis.

Relevant person in charge of the Department of Out-of-school Education and Training Supervision Department of the Ministry of Education stated that when interpreting the document, the “Guide” mainly focuses on the standardized management of the “discipline” project identification of out-of-school training institutions in the compulsory education stage, and clearly requires that the classification and identification of off-campus training projects should follow the three requirements. Aspect principles. One is to adhere to strict regulations. Deeply understand and implement the central government’s “double reduction” spiritual requirements, strictly abide by relevant national laws, regulations and policies, implement territorial administrative management responsibilities, clarify boundaries, strict requirements, and standardize procedures, and embody authority and seriousness.

  Secondly, insist on scientific rigor. The person in charge pointed out that we should fully rely on the power of experts, respect the discipline and teaching rules, integrate the actual situation of the training project, base on the specific analysis of specific issues, and give objective, fair and independent professional identification opinions to ensure science and Kindergarten After School Program.

Parenting industry

The parenting industry is an evergreen industry in various industries. Now that the population declines and enters the downward channel, the population dividend has disappeared, but the quality dividend of our population will also be valued. The so-called population quality dividend is how we improve the quality of the population. The entire industry serves both the number of the population and the quality of the population. Therefore, the population decline does not mean that the industry is in decline.

This door is closed and another window is opened, so the parenting industry need not be so pessimistic. With the upgrading of consumer perceptions, the decline of the population, and the mutual integration of the nurturing industry, the pace of change in the nurturing industry has been promoted and accelerated. Where is it reflected? It is reflected in the integration between profession and industry. For example, Mr. Dai, we now propose the golden 1000 days. After she proposes this profession for 1000 days, the industry will follow the profession and the scientific concepts will follow. , Which embodies the example of professional integration with the best site to learn python.