Tsinghua University undergraduate education and teaching audit evaluation

Tsinghua University’s undergraduate education and teaching review and evaluation expert group opinion exchange meeting was held in the reception hall of the main building. 9 members of the expert group including Academician Ding Lieyun, head of the review and evaluation expert group of the Ministry of Education, Fan Wei, director of the Higher Education Teaching Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education, Li Zhi, deputy director, Chen Xu, secretary of the Party Committee of Tsinghua University, and Qiu Yong, president of Tsinghua University, attended the meeting. . The meeting was chaired by Li Zhiyi, deputy leader of the review and evaluation expert group of the Ministry of Education.

On behalf of the school, Chen Xu first expressed his welcome and thanks to the experts for coming to the school to participate in the review and evaluation. Chen Xu said that this evaluation is a new round of review and evaluation initiated and implemented by the Ministry of Education in the context of the education strategy to strengthen the country. It is an important measure to deepen the reform of education evaluation and education supervision in the new era. As the first university in the country to accept the new round of undergraduate education and teaching review and evaluation, this is the great importance and full trust of the Ministry of Education and the expert group to Tsinghua University. Tsinghua University is fully aware of the great responsibility and must cooperate and complete this evaluation. Evaluation work can effectively help us find problems and shortcomings, and improve the level of undergraduate education. It is a comprehensive physical examination of the school’s undergraduate education and teaching work and the construction of a first-class university. This evaluation will help promote the school to further achieve connotative high-quality development, implement the requirements of the central government, and find out where it can be. From the perspective of the long-term development of the school, this evaluation is also a powerful promotion for the school’s development to enter a new stage and to be in the forefront of world-class Chinese learning game.

Children’s programming education in transition

With favorable policies, the number of children’s programming track companies has surged, and wars have continued. Why has the children’s programming industry become a must for many companies to pursue and transform? What challenges will the children’s programming industry face in the future against the cheaper homeschool tutor cost?

Children’s programming becomes standard under the drive of “double subtraction”

According to the Media Consulting, from 2016 to 2019, the scale of China’s quality education market continued to climb, reaching 394.7 billion yuan. Quality education accounted for 3.7% of online education in 2016, and this proportion will rise to 24.5% by 2020.

After the “double reduction”, quality education has become a popular transformation direction, and even a wave of “quality education concept stocks” has been set off in the A-share market. Their shares, which superimposed the concept of early childhood education and robotics, stood out by virtue of its children’s programming business, with a weekly increase of 61.08% and winning 5 consecutive boards. Their financial report for the first half of 2021 showed that its technology and education service revenue was 194 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 213%.

Indian Issues Vaccine Mandate for Education

The government organization that regulates schools that instruct some Native Americans in almost two dozen states gave a worker antibody order Thursday.

The order covers in excess of 2,800 personnel and staff at 53 schools and dorms worked straight by the U.S. Authority of Education in states including Arizona, New Mexico and the Dakotas.

In excess of 180 schools work under the organization’s umbrella, however around 66% are controlled by clans under agreement with the central government or through awards, including most on the Hopi reservation and adjoining Navajo Nation. This is why we recommend people to learn Spanish as a family.